Spotlight on Stewart

Stewart waits patiently for the next person who will pet him.

Stewart is the world’s smallest husky, a Pomsky, Pomeranian x Husky. He is adorable and fun, whip smart and absolutely bursting with energy.

Stewart’s family found me through Yelp. Unsure how much training they really needed, they asked me to come over for an initial consult at their home in Orinda, CA. We sat together and prioritized their goals.

  1. Stop chewing us, especially the 10 year old twins
  2. Pee outside only
  3. Basic cues: Sit (Stay), Down (stay), Go to Bed (and stay there until verbally released), Leave it, Loose Leash Walking, Wait (at doorways – other impulse control exercises) and of course, Come!
  4. They also wanted the dog to stop taking flying leaps over the sofa, but I told them they had bought a circus dog and rather than try to train him out of it, they should just embrace his nature and take him to circus dog school once we were done with the basics.

Fast forward 16 sessions. Stewart will “leave” the chickens in his back yard, the weird noises coming from the neighbor’s leaf blower and food accidentally dropped on the floor (he’s still working on leaving the piles of cow poop at Briones). He habitually walks on any available human’s right hand side. He rests on mats more than he flies over the furniture. He greets new people with his feet on the floor, keeping his mouth to himself. His potty training is coming along nicely thanks to mom staying home and religiously taking notes! And most of all, he’s much more cuddly now than he was to begin with.

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