Spotlight on Prune


Prune. Need I say more?!?
Prune and her brother, Portobello.
Prune and Portobello go for a loose leash walk around Mills College with Karin and their mom.

Prune’s mom hired me because she’s recently become a pregnant single mom, living in an apartment on the third floor near Lake Merritt and her dogs kept tripping her and pulling her down the stairs. In particular, Prune, a 6 month old black pug, would weave and dart, only pottied on the rug, and pulled on her leash on walks, jumping all over anyone and everyone, while Portobello would bark and lunge at dogs and occasional people.

It’s a good thing that I can parallel process, and really have 8-20 tabs open at all times in my brain, keeping track of how our environment is changing, what are the criteria I’m currently training Prune on as opposed to the criteria I’m currently training Portobello on.

Over the course of our 16 sessions, both pups learned to walk with a loose leash on me and mom’s left. Portobello learned to completely ignore other dogs on his walks and Prune is working on greeting folks with her feet on the floor. Both pups also worked on chill on your mat and “keep your teeth to yourself.” Prune is now fully potty trained!

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