Meet Karin Linden,

Professional Dog Trainer



Karin goes by Auntie Cookie, or Tante Cookie, or Tia Cookie at work.  Ok, switching to first person here. I'm highly educated. I've studied canine, human, avian, and reptile behavior.  I could have ALL the letters after my name.  Truly H.M. Wogglebug T. E. style.

But I just don't care about the letters. I care that you and your dog get the absolute best training experience.  I care that y'all graduate feeling sure of yourselves.  Able to handle anything that crops up in the future. Of course, I'm going to miss you and your puppers tremendously, so feel free to text anytime and ask questions.

I also believe in training for real-life results. That's why I'm still offering training in my front yard. It's worth noting that zoom training totally works. So much better than even I would have thought.  And I have plenty of clients I've never met in real life who are totally stoked with the training they received virtually.

Training Methods

For the well being of puppies and dogs, and clients’ peace of mind, Karin uses only positive reinforcement training methods. Real-life results are best achieved when everyone—trainer, dog, and client—are relaxed and thus able to learn freely.

Karin can make a difference for you and your dog!

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Professional Qualifications

Karin is dedicated ongoing professional education in the field of applied animal behavior.


Graduate of prestigious Dog Training Internship Academy


Graduate of Trish King’s Dog Behavior Academy


Graduate of Karen Pryor Clicker Training Foundations program


dog*tec Certified Dog Walker through the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy


Fixing the Unfixable with Malena DeMartini


Living and Learning with Animals with Dr. Susan Friedman


Regular professional seminar attendance, most recently entered an Applied Behavior Analysis program at Florida Institute of Technology

Karin at LPBA has taken amazing care of our dog figaro for the past few years.

She takes him out rain or shine three times a week or more depending on our schedules. she is super flexible all the time. she offers home boarding and also takes care of our kitties when we are out of town, making for a worry free vacation!
we don't know what we'd do w/ out her and LPBA!
-woof woof


—Brook F. Oakland, CA

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