All training sessions are now remote. Petagogy Dog Training is using zoom to train new and existing clients. Surprisingly, we’re able to cover the same amount of material as we were when I came to your houses, sometimes more. And sessions don’t run over the allotted time anymore which is really nice too. Petagogy is accepting new clients anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection, some sort of video connection, so that I can watch the dog, and you speak English or Spanish. My Spanish is not very good, but I can get by.

Training sessions are available for 60 minutes ($90) or 30 minutes ($50) Monday through Friday on the hour between 9am – 7pm, excluding lunch hour at noon and dinner hour at 6. My kids are not fans of the 7pm slot, so I try to fill the “workday” slots first.

I’m encouraging folks to sign up for a 60 minute Initial Consult followed by a month of 30 minute sessions, 20 sessions in all, $900. These short and sweet sessions are better for the humans and the dog(s). Humans don’t get inundated with tons of material and the dogs don’t get overwhelmed with so much training.

After each session, you’ll receive a post consult follow up via google docs, or I may just add to your google doc whatever material we covered that day. I look forward to seeing you on the web!

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