Petagogy Dog Training is offering Sidewalk Puppy School and Sidewalk School as well as Zoom Puppy and Dog School during covid-time. For Sidewalk School, we are all masked, a minimum of 6′ away from one another in Karin’s fenced, front yard.

Surprisingly, we’re able to cover the same amount of material as we were when I came to your houses, sometimes more. Sessions are 30 minutes long.  We cover 1-3 training games per session and have a robust curriculum available for pups who are swift learners.

Training sessions are available Monday through Friday on the hour between 7:30am – 4pm, excluding lunch hour at noon.

 These short and sweet sessions are better for the humans and the dog(s). Humans don’t get inundated with tons of material and the dogs don’t get overwhelmed with so much training.

After your initial consult, you’ll receive my Puppy School textbook. I look forward to seeing you on the web!

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