All Dog Food Isn’t Created Equal

written by Holistic Hound, Berkeley, CA with some notes from Karin

Searching for the best pet food has a few criteria. You need a food that’s at least 33% protein sourced from meat. Your dog is not a vegan, even if you are! Corn can cause hyperactivity in dogs and most dogs are allergic to wheat, so make sure that neither of these are listed in the ingredients. Many dogs are also allergic to chicken, so, as you would with a baby, I highly suggest introducing human grade meats to your dog one/week to see if any affect your puppy’s stool.  Avoid anything that says “meal” and definitely definitely definitly avoid sugar. Your dog does not need sugar. Looking for high-quality ingredients is the first criteria, and the second is to find a company that has implemented humane and ethical practices in the production of pet food.  Nutrition is the cornerstone to a healthy and happy pet.      

Consumers demand socially conscious pet food brands

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone to a happy and healthy pet.

Consumers wield tremendous power when it comes to the practices of pet food companies. If the demand for higher quality food that is ethically sourced increases, more and more brands will start to highlight their commitment to sustainable and socially responsible practices. That means that consumers have many more choices when it comes to finding high-quality pet food that is also ethically sourced.

High-quality ingredients

For pet food to have the highest nutritional value, look for non-processed, non-GMO, organic, and natural ingredients. Your pet food should not be loaded with scraps and leftovers that aren’t fit for human consumption, quite the opposite. Consumers should look for pet food that boasts human-grade ingredients. The ingredients should be fresh and natural so that your pet consumes food with the highest nutritional value.

Humanely sourced pet food

Understanding the supply chain of the pet food you buy will help you choose a product that is ethically sourced. Many companies who are committed to natural, organic, and ethically sourced pet food will be more than happy to share their practices. Another way to find out is to shop for pet food that is produced locally, where you have the chance to visit and get to know the farmers and ranchers that produce the ingredients.

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