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Oakland Dog Training Services

Whether you’re in the throes of puppy raising adventures or your adult dog needs some training of her own to sit, stay, come and walk better, we’d love to help.


Now offering masked training at your home! $150/hr


Puppy Raising Rescue

Puppy Day Training

We come to your rescue with our exclusive puppy socialization + training program.


Doggone Wild

Kids + Dogs

Teach your dog her manners to be the best companion for your family.


Want your Dream Dog?

Dog Training

Have a blast playing training games with your dog.


Meet Karin Linden

Owner & Lead Trainer

A graduate of the prestigious Dog Training Internship Academy, Karin believes puppy training should be designed to improve the quality of life of canines and humans both. She delights in teaching her human clients how to train and understand her dog clients.

Why Petagogy Dog Training Oakland?


Certified professional dog trainer


Positive reinforcement training methods only


Personal attention to each dog-and each client, too!


100% reliable service always


Fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind


Dedicated to making life with your puppy or dog easier

Great trainer! Karin introduced me to clicker-training & the use of positive reinforcement training for rambunctious puppies.

Her methodology and professionalism made introducing new behaviors easy and straightforward. Karin's experience working with dogs of all ages and breeds - as well as working with young families - made her a great choice in my search for dog trainers. You'll find that in the world of dog trainers, there are many philosophies and approaches -- I recommend positive training techniques because of its humane approach and effectiveness in training. Would definitely recommend!

—Nick C. Oakland, CA

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What Treats Should I Use?

Polly and Iris's families have both recently asked me about training treats. Polly is a Foodie Originally Polly was only motivated by french fries.  Fresh french fries are actually a ...

New Hours

We are back to school and Petagogy is back to training only within school hours.  Karin is accepting new clients to fill into 3 timing slots/month: 9am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ...


Petagogy Dog Training is offering Sidewalk Puppy School and Sidewalk School as well as Zoom Puppy and Dog School during covid-time. For Sidewalk School, we are all masked, a minimum ...