Puppy ate your couch?

You’re struggling to understand your new puppy.

Career. Family. Commute. All the obligations of adult urban life. And  now there’s this bundle of energy in your midst wreaking joy and havoc both.

We’re here to help you understand all the why’s when it comes to your dog’s behaviour.  You want the results AND you want to know how to achieve them yourself.

Well- trained puppy today. Well-behaved adult dog tomorrow.

Trainer, Karin Linden, trains YOU and your pup, teaching you all the tools you need to get from where you are now, to that perfect dog you love to live with.

  • House and potty training
  • No jumping
  • No Eating off the Counters
  • Chew on your own toys
  • Sit
  • Go to your bed
  • Come
  • Loose leash walking
  • Leave it
  • Polite greetings
  • Don’t eat the Cat

Peace of mind- our goal for you

  • We are 100% positive-based, so you can rest easy knowing you are going to learn at each and every training session.
  • You and your dog will train an hour a day, 1-3 days /week with trainer Karin in your home, or out safely learning about the joys of our world.
  • We accept only a handful of dogs at a time, for individual attention, and maximum training results.
  • Schedule an initial consult, 60 minutes long, today, for Karin to take a full history of your dog, formulate a management and training plan and begin training if time allows.

How our program works


Our Trainer, Karin, comes to your home, or meets you at a dog park, or off-leash trail to work with you and your pup on your training goals.

Your puppy gets:

  • An hour of training
  • Positive reinforcement for all their hard work
  • Lots of love and appropriate play skills

You get:

  • A clear understanding of what your dog is communicating to you with their body language.
  • We set you up to take the best advantage of individual feedback from an experienced trainer- and provide some immediate relief from whatever issues you may be struggling with
  • Relief, peace of mind, and a happy, well-behaved puppy


  • Initial Consult, 60 minutes, $125
  • $125/hour for follow up sessions
  • $1600 Package includes Initial Consult and 15 follow up hour long sessions to be completed within a month



Karin is accepting new Puppy Training clients in Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, Piedmont, and San Leandro, CA.