Get your dog ready to play with your kids!

Babies are fun- let’s get your dog on board with the love.

Whats cuter than a baby and puppy together?

Unfortunately, dogs don’t come pre-programmed with the rules for successful family living. That’s where our training come in.

Kids and Dogs

Important life lessons to help your dog thrive as a member of polite human society:

  • Leave it!
  • Jumping is not how humans say hello
  • Taking a walk doesn’t mean dragging your stroller down the street
  • Chew on your own toys only
  • Sit, lie down, stay and come without making your people repeat themselves silly

What you get

Here’s how it works:

1. Jump Start Session
Our trainer will come to your home and help you address any particularly vexing issues, and set up for maximum success in training sessions.

2.  Four or Six Weeks of Training
Enjoy fun, interactive 60 minute sessions designed around real-life challenges for real-world results.


  • Initial Consult, 60 minutes, $125
  • $125/hour for follow up sessions
  • $500 Package includes Initial Consult and 3 follow up sessions to be completed within a month

Ready to get started?

Dogs are never to young, or old, to begin their education. Let’s get your pup on board with life with your new baby.